Pegasus RDA receive no external funding, so we are 100% reliant on grants, donations and fundraising to allow us to continue to provide our life-enhancing activities.

Our main outgoings are our horse hire costs, which are around £5,000 a year (currently covered by a Children in Need grant), and the upkeep costs of our own pony, Dougie, also £5,000 a year - we have a dedicated pony upkeep donation page for Dougie's costs (Pegasus RDA Pony Upkeep Donation Page).

In addition to the above, we need to fund our core operating costs, amounting to an additional £2,000 each year. These outgoings include:

  • Insurance and membership fees
  • Specialised lesson equipment and adapted tack
  • Website and phone charges
  • IT and stationery equipment
  • Volunteer DBS checks and training
  • Hand sanitiser and cleaning supplies

Our little charity is run completely on a voluntary basis - we have no paid staff and 100% of money donated to us is used to fund the essential items above.  Without the amazing generosity of our supporters, we simply could not do what we do - Thank You!



Rider Spotlight - Ella

Our wonderful rider, Ella is ten years old, and has been riding with us since 2017. Horse riding has been proven to help wheelchair users like Ella by increasing core strength and relaxing tight muscles.  Even though she is non-verbal, it is easy to see how much Ella enjoys her sessions - the smiles and giggles are obvious to all. Ella has a cheeky personality - she will often decide to "take a nap" during her lesson and lie down on the pony's back!, awesome dress sense (pink, unicorns, sparkly shoes - you name it!) and is very popular with our ponies and volunteers. The photos below show how much Ella has progressed since beginning her riding sessions with us.

On Saturday 30th July, Ella will be helping us do some fundraising by packing shopping bags at Asda in Altrincham. Ella and her lovely mum Alisa will be there between 11.00 and 12.00 - It would be great if you could come and support her!

Updated on Fri, July 29 2022, 7:09 PM

What's With all the Cheese?

You might have noticed a number of donations making reference to cheese on our page recently.  The reason behind this is one of our fantastic volunteers, Julie, who has pledged to go vegan until 16th July to raise some funds for our group.  Julie is a self-confessed cheese lover, so this challenge really will take an enourmous amount of willpower!  Please support Julie if you can!

Thank You! xx

Updated on Sat, May 14 2022, 11:35 AM

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Pegasus RDA

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled is a charity providing opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating, horse-related activities in the South Manchester area. Riding can help with mobility, core strength, communication skills, confidence and provides endless fun! Pegasus RDA was launched in January 2017 and set up by a volunteer trustee team with a wealth of RDA and equine experience. We currently have 30+ riders and over 20 volunteers who make it possible for Pegasus RDA to function so efficiently and positively. Success to date has been apparent with a wealth of national and regional awards including RDA Young Volunteer of the year in 2017 and RDA Volunteer of the Year in 2018 demonstrating the hard work and enthusiasm from the entire group.