Our Fees

People's Fundraising is an infrastructure charity created to help charities raise more money to support the causes that really matter. Whilst you can't run a fundraising website for free, you can do it without making a profit. This section compares and shows you what fees People's Fundraising, Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving charge.

For a comparison of tools, see our Tools & Comparison section.

The true cost of fundraising

Some well-known platforms are claiming to be 'free for charities' but still leave charities with no choice but to pay registration fees, card fees, Gift Aid fees, monthly fees and high bank fees - while donors are asked for 'tips' that go directly to the platform.

We believe fees should be transparent. There are no ongoing monthly charges, you only incur fees when you get donations. Here's how our fees stack up:

What are the fees People's Fundraising (Unbranded Shared Cloud) People's Fundraising (Branded Managed Cloud) Virgin Money Giving Just Giving
Registration fee Free Free £150 + VAT Free
Monthly fee Free Free Free £15 + VAT to £39 + VAT
Platform fee 1.75% 2.75% 2% 5% to 15%
Payment processing fee 0.36% + 7p debit card
0.95% + 7p credit card
0.36% + 7p debit card
0.95% + 7p credit card
2.5% 1.9% + 20p
Gift Aid fee Free Free Free Optional 5% fee

For a detailed break down of fees for each payment method, see our Fees section.