People's Fundraising is a charity created to help charities raise more money to support the causes that really matter. The table below compares and shows you what tools People's Fundraising, Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving provide.

For a comparison of fees, see our Fees & Comparison section.

  People's Fundraising Virgin Money Giving Just Giving START plan Just Giving GROW plan
Plan type Shared cloud / Managed cloud On plan for all Basic Advanced
Direct donations
Regular donations
Offline donations  
Free Gift Aid reclaim 5% fee 5% fee
Donation pages  
Supporter managed donation pages
Donation page themes  
Donation page questionnaire  
Donation page tagging  
Donation page short links  
Donation notification messages  
Donation button, list & total widget  
Fundraising pages
Supporter managed fundraising pages
Fundraising page themes
Fundraising page questionnaire
Fundraising page tagging
Fundraising page short links
Fundraising notification messages
Fundraising button, list & total widget
Team Fundraisers
Team fundraising pages
Supporter managed team fundraising pages
Team fundraising page themes
Team fundraising page themes
Team fundraising page questionnaire
Team fundraising page tagging
Team fundraising page short links
Team fundraising notification messages
Team fundraising button, list & total widget
Team fundraising platform integration
Raffle pages
Supporter managed raffle pages
Raffle page themes
Raffle page questionnaire
Raffle page tagging
Raffle page short links
Raffle notification messages
Raffle button, list & total widget
Event pages
Supporter managed event pages
Event page themes
Event page questionnaire
Event page tagging
Event page short links
Event notification messages
Event button, list & total widget
Free Gift Aid reclaim  
Membership pages
Supporter managed membership pages
Membership page themes
Membership page questionnaire
Membership page tagging
Membership page short links
Membership notification messages
Membership button, list & total widget
Auction pages
Supporter managed auction pages
Auction page themes
Auction page questionnaire
Auction page tagging
Auction page short links
Auction notification messages
Auction button, list & total widget
Auction platform integration
Lottery pages
Supporter managed auction pages
Lottery page themes
Lottery page questionnaire
Lottery page tagging
Lottery page short links
Lottery notification messages
Lottery button, list & total widget
Lottery platform integration
Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher pages
Supporter managed auction pages
Gift Voucher page themes
Gift Voucher page questionnaire
Gift Voucher page tagging
Gift Voucher page short links
Gift Voucher notification messages
Gift Voucher button, list & total widget
Gift Voucher platform integration
Email support
Telephone support
Data and reporting
Charity profile page
Charity profile page themes
Supporter profile page
Supporter profile page themes
Shared managed cloud
Dedicated managed cloud  
Dedicated self managed cloud