It is my intention to sail in my boat, Peggy, around Britain this year and would like to raise funds for two charities:-

1) Give the World a Shot, Covid vaccinations for third world countries.

2) Orphans in the Wild, HIV support for orphans and foster families in Mufindi, Tanzania

I had an absolutely fantastic childhood in Tanzania,  then Tanganyika, and would dearly like to give something back.



Thank you for your amazing donations, your support is really appreciated.  

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£9,325.04 raised of £10,000.00 target by 61 supporters

£8,755.04 donated and £570.00 in GiftAid


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From 25th June 2021. Until 24th December 2021.


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Give the world a shot

UNICEF is ensuring no one is left behind in the race to vaccinate against COVID-19. While countries like India are exposed to the virus, the whole world is still at risk. UNICEF’s goal is to ensure health workers in every country – not just the wealthier ones – are protected, and patients get the urgent medical supplies and oxygen they need.

We need your help to deliver 2 billion vaccines, 5.6 million tests and 5.5 million treatments around the world this year. Join us for the biggest health and logistics project in history.

Orphans in the Wild

Orphans in the Wild aims to help Local communities in Mufindi, Tanzania;to ensure that children orphaned by AIDS are given sufficient immediate andlong-term emotional and material support to feed, clothe and educate them to the end of their compulsory schooling, and to improve the general living standards in an environmentally sustainable manner.'