Another term bites the dust! It's time to let the rebel within you emerge as you 'break the rules' for the day. Want to go all out on a crazy outfit and coloured hair? No problem. Wear your jumper inside out? Why not? Odd socks (that haven't been washed in a week?) Sounds good to me. 

The money you donate will help raise vital funds to pay for ongoing school improvements and projects. Suggested donation, £1 to £2 per child.

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£203.25 raised of £200.00 target by 57 supporters

£175.00 donated and £28.25 in GiftAid


101 %


From 1st April 2022. Until 1st April 2022.


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Greville PTA  

The Parent / Teacher Association for Greville Primary School in Ashtead raises money to support the school.

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