Clean, green travel for our local community

Tisbury Electric Car Club is a great idea. Two all-electric cars available for self-drive hire at very competitive rates in a rural village with limited public transport.

Our aim is to encourage more people to experience electric driving and use their fossil-fuel cars less - maybe even part with them altogether. And we offer ultra-low hire fees for people on low incomes – quite an issue in our village. We also work cooperatively with other rural car-share clubs to achieve economies of scale.

But Covid restrictions have meant our start-up funding is running out before we’ve been able to fully build up club membership and use of our two second-hand Renault Zoes.

The numbers are now increasing steadily. More and more of our local residents are discovering the true worth of this community asset, but there’s a real risk that we will have to shut it down unless we can raise £7500 as soon as possible to keep the club going through 2022.

We hope you are as passionate about clean, green transport as we are, and would like to help us provide our local community with a flexible way of getting about this beautiful corner of England without polluting the planet.

Thank you so much for your donation.

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£1,135.00 raised

£1,135.00 donated


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Nadder Community Energy  

  • Tisbury Electric Car Club is hosted by Nadder Community Energy (NCE), a community benefit society set up in 2015 to promote awareness of renewable energy and raise money to install systems in and around the Nadder Valley, south-west Wiltshire.
  • So far we have put up 16 large photovoltaic solar arrays on farms, commercial buildings and five local schools, not only providing cheap electricity and a good return on investment, but also significantly reducing the local carbon footprint.
  • Any profits are used to develop and support environmentally-friendly community projects in our local area. As well as setting up the electric car club, we’re looking into renewable heating in schools and solar panels and batteries for low-income households. We’ve also funded the installation of a solar array to provide cheap electricity for the heated open-air community swimming pool in Tisbury.


For further information visit the twitter feed

  • Thu, November 17 2022, 11:45 AM : RT @adamvaughan_uk: Electric car sales are booming in the UK. 2019: 2.4% of all new car sales 2022 H1: 24% Globally the share was 13% in…
  • Wed, November 9 2022, 10:28 AM : RT @TMFcoop: Car parks in France will be required to install solar panels! Opportunity for #communityenergy #energiescitoyennes and trans…
  • Tue, November 8 2022, 4:24 PM : Can't guarantee every #carshare with us will be this much fun... but because you don't have to worry about insurance or repairs, maybe you can have a giggle instead. https://t.co/dpEARuS6Rb
  • Tue, October 25 2022, 4:37 PM : RT @janrosenow: Electric vehicles are 3-4x more efficient than petrol and diesel cars. Huge potential to lower final energy demand. Graph…
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