SGR Appeal 2021

Thank you for supporting the charitable work of Scientists for Global Responsibility, via the MRT.

In recent months SGR has:
•    Participated in numerous activities at the COP26 climate negotiations, raising the profile of issues such as military carbon emissions, science and activism, and rapid transition. We spoke at two sessions at the People’s Summit for Climate Justice, and received a lot of media coverage including in The Guardian and on COP TV.
•    Promoted and internationalised our Science Oath for the Climate campaign, including urging professional bodies to break their financial links with fossil fuel and arms companies;
•    Delivered more One Planet, One Life workshops, educating school children about climate change and sustainable living;
•    Presented evidence to the public inquiry on the Cumbria coal mine countering misleading claims by the industrial proposers;
•    Organised a very successful online conference on the theme of ‘From Science to Activism: How should action follow climate research?’

There is lots more that we want to do over the coming year, including:

•    Promoting our new Globally Responsible Careers website and resources, to inspire school and university students to pursue ethical work and volunteering opportunities;
•    Questioning the UK government’s agenda to accelerate arms races using nuclear, robotic, AI, cyber, and space technologies;
•    Ramping up the pressure for science and technology bodies to divest from fossil fuels – there are hopeful signs that the pressure is starting to produce results!

So we need your help! A donation from you now via the Martin Ryle Trust for SGR's charitable work will help us to continue with our current activities and to do much more.


£1,474.50 raised by 19 supporters

£1,183.00 donated and £291.50 in GiftAid


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The Martin Ryle Trust

The MRT is a charity that funds research and education on any aspects of reducing violence between states. This includes indirect and long-term steps, such as promoting justice, and more direct steps such as supporting research and education about high levels of militarisation. The Trust primarily supports the charitable work of Scientists for Global Responsibility, a membership organisation promoting responsible science and technology.