Burabay National Park offers a large number of interesting ecological and tourist routes, and we want to make them comfortable. In the UK, there is a tradition of installing nominal (memorial) benches, including on forest park walking trails. Therefore, we want to install benches in the form of pike and name it in honor of our sponsors.

The main purpose is to draw attention to the preservation and development of Burabay Park through creative projects and support for talented people in the region, the creation of landmarks that promote and popularize the territory. The shop will be made in the form of a sculpture of a pike made of cement with a wooden seat. The cost of manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance for three years is 2,250 GBP.



Национальный парк Бурабай предлагает большое количество интересных экологических и туристических маршрутов, а мы хотим сделать их еще и комфортными. В Великобритании существует традиция установки именных (мемориальных) скамеек, в том числе и на лесопарковых прогулочных тропах. Поэтому мы хотим установить скамейки в форме щук и закрепить на них именные таблички в честь наших спонсоров.

Основная задача - привлечь внимание к сохранению и развитию парка Бурабай через творческие проекты и поддержку талантливых людей региона, создание landmarks, способствующих продвижению и популяризации территории. Лавочка будет сделана в виде скульптуры щуки из цемента с деревянным сидением. Стоимость изготовления, транспортировки, установки и обслуживания в течение трех лет - 2 250 фунтов.


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The Eurasian Creative Guild (London)  

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) was founded in 2015 as a platform uniting creative people from all corners of Eurasia! Today it's a platform for all spheres and forms of art and embraces a wide range of activities and gives a space for interaction, discussion of works, projects at creative meetings in different countries. ECG unites figures of literature, journalism, fine arts, architecture, education, mass media and creative business.

In 2021 we opened our own Creative Residency “ECG HORIZONS” in Burabay National Park, Kazakhstan and it is very important for us to grow and develop. The ECG Horizons is a unique space for writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative people. It includes a showroom and a co-working area, a library, a music corner and an art gallery. So anyone who wants to share their work with colleagues and audiences can use this space as a platform. Our main idea is to create a perfect space for artistic and cultural experimentation with deep cross integration of all fields of art.

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