We are delighted to announce a new charity partnership with a St Albans based charity, Earthworks. Earthworks supports people with learning disabilities (known as Earthworkers) alongside volunteers, to help manage 3.5 acres of beautiful eco-gardens in St Albans.

We chose Earthworks as our long-term partner because the charity echoes our business values; ethical, supportive, considerate, active listeners as well as experts in the social and therapeutic horticulture work, they provide their Earthworkers. It also gives us an opportunity as a business to give back to the local community in which we work.

Find out more about Earthworks and the great impact they have within the local community here: https://www.earthworksstalbans.co.uk/

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Earthworks from Earthworks St Albans

Earthworks nurtures people with learning disabilities, known as Earthworkers, through Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, alongside dedicated volunteers, to manage 3.5 acres of beautiful eco-gardens. We offer Earthworkers purposeful activity, work experience and informal training in horticulture, ecology and conservation, small-scale construction, wood work and crafts. We grow produce using organic methods, take part in nature-based activities, and we build and conserve wildlife habitats using traditional countryside skills. Our person-centred work provides the environment, support and choices to help people reach their aspirations and possibilities. We increase confidence, boost health and wellbeing, and build new horticulture and life skills. In our eco-gardens, Earthworkers flourish. As part of our objectives to promote sustainability and social inclusion we engage the wider community through seasonal community events, workshops and our market stall.