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Hope4Hoppers was set up to relieve the pressure experienced by reputable ‘no kill’ rabbit rescues by offering a loving home based environment for rabbits who are harder to rehome due to health or behavioural issues. We provide exceptionally spacious, enrichment filled enclosures and are able to provide each rabbit with the individual attention they would receive in a forever home whilst having the knowledge and experience to meet individual nursing, diet and care plans.

Hope4Hoppers Rabbit Sanctuary is a member of One Voice for Animals UK who are bringing together hundreds of small animal charities, non-profits and their supporters who have all been impacted by Covid-19 and are needing additional fundraising support to survive.




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Hope4Hoppers Rabbit Sanctuary from Hope4Hoppers Rabbit Sanctuary

A small non profit sanctuary to offer a limited number of long stay rescue rabbits specialist one to one care in a home environment or an extended period of rehabilitation if required in order to help relieve the burden faced by rabbit rescues nationwide.