Ndzou Camp will always be special for Micaia. It was the first social investment undertaken by Micaia - opening in 2011. As a business that is majority-owned (60%) by the community, Ndzou broke new ground in Mozambique, and is still one of very few examples of genuine community ownership in the tourism sector. The Camp has brought benefits to the Mpunga community, not only through the fees that are paid to the community association by all visitors, but also through the opportunities it has created for local people to have jobs and learn new skills. And the Camp has really helped protect the surrounding forest and all its wonderful biodiversity.

All businesses need investment if they are to grow. Ndzou Camp has struggled for years with its water system, relying solely on a natural spring, with water being pumped 180m by a solar pump. If the Camp is full, or if the weather is bad and the solar pump doesn't work, there is not enough water. It's hard to promote the business if the Camp cannot guarantee water. In 2019, Micaia and Mpunga leaders agreed to invest in a borehole, and the work was planned for 2020. Then, along came Covid. All money was used simply to cover wages. The business is picking up again now, but it will be a struggle for Ndzou Camp to save money for a borehole, especially because there are other needs such as new sheets and kitchen equipment.

So, Micaia has decided to launch this special appeal to raise money for the Ndzou Camp water system. 

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NDZOU CAMP from Micaia

Ndzou Camp is a rare thing: a forest lodge that is not only staffed by local community members, but majority owned by the community too (60% owned by the Mpunga community of Moribane, Chimanimani – on the border with Zimbabwe, 40% by Eco-Micaica Ltd.) The Camp is an eco-lodge with 30 beds and camping, that provides 12 local people with full time jobs and generates money for community projects. Set up in 2011, the Camp not only provides economic benefit to the community, but it also serves as a vital bulwark against deforestation. 

Ndzou Camp sits in a forested area, with incredible plant biodiversity – and rare forest elephants. Sadly, the pressures of population growth, illegal logging, fires, and climate damage, are combining to threaten the forests. Deforestation is widespread, but at least in the hinterland of Ndzou Camp, the Mpunga community has helped protect the forest and maintain the elephants’ habitat.

The Camp was Micaia’s first social investment in Mozambique. It has changed the lives of its workers. It has been a shining example of community-private sector partnership. For ten years, it has been the focus of efforts to find a balance between conservation and livelihoods. Now though, Ndzou Camp faces a serious challenge. Covid-19 hit the business hard. The Camp lost 85% of its turnover in 2020 and keeping on the staff team meant that all reserves were used up. Those reserves had been built over 2 years and were intended to invest in a much-needed new water system. 

The Camp is 100km from Chimoio, it runs on solar energy, and its water comes from a spring. Sadly, the business cannot grow without a more reliable water supply. If we can raise the money to install a borehole and pump, it will not only benefit the Camp, but also the families who live in the forest around the Camp. If we can help grow the business, more jobs will be created, and Ndzou Camp will continue to support efforts to protect the area’s vital biodiversity.