Sponsoring Denzil means you recognise the need for us to work collaboratively, so that we can secure the best life for any horse or pony that crosses our path.

Keeping horses well is an expensive undertaking for anyone. For charities like us, having sufficient money to keep going is a daily concern. We are here for horses – but only if/when our finances allow.

We must budget for an average sum in the region of £200 per month, for each and every one of the horses and ponies under our care. 

Unscheduled veterinary work and essential training, places a further strain on our resources.

Please join team Denzil at Here4horses.


£45.00 raised


£3 per month (Denzil) £3.00

Sponsor Denzil with a monthly Direct Debit

£36 annual sponsorship (Denzil) £36.00

Sponsor Denzil for 12 months with a one-off payment.


Here4Horses from Here4Horses

At Here4Horses, we believe that all horses and ponies deserve kindness, respect and knowledgeable care.

If you share our belief, then sponsoring one of our horses or ponies is a great way to help make a real difference.

It takes time and expertise for us to bring a horse back to its best, they all have individual needs. During the rehabilitation process we desperately need sponsors to help fund accommodation, care and training. When we are sure the healing process is complete, only then do we look for a foster carer or second chance home.

We have many ponies currently in our care or out in foster homes, all seeking a friend to sponsor them. Click Here to see our stable of ponies on our website.

Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing horses is not an easy task. Being a sponsor means you are giving vital funds to help us to provide expert care to neglected and unwanted animals.

Your money goes directly towards their rehabilitation including stabling, veterinary and training fees.