Thanks for wishing to add your name to the Dunsfold Collection ‘Wall of Fame’.  It's a permanent record of those whose passion for the Land Rover marque has helped us to preserve the Collection for future generations.

We are so grateful for your support.

Your name, or business name will be added to the Dunsfold Collection ‘Wall of Fame’, all you need to do is choose one of these four supporter donation amounts.
      • Bronze Supporter: donation of £100
      • Silver Supporter: donation of £500
      • Gold Supporter: donation of £1,000
      • Platinum Supporter: donation of £5,000 or more

Silver, Gold and platinum donations also include lifetime membership of the 'Friends of the Collection'.

Again, thank you so much for joining the Dunsfold Collection 'Wall of Fame'.

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1. Bronze Supporter £100.00

2. Silver Supporter £500.00


3. Gold Supporter £1,000.00


4. Platinum Supporter £5,000.00



Dunsfold Collection  

Keeping the legend alive! The Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers is a registered charity dedicated to the preservation of Land Rover history. Vehicles from the Collection are displayed at various Land Rover and classic vehicle events throughout the year, and more details can be found on our website. We are seeking to raise sufficient funds to establish a permanent museum where the vehicles can be displayed to the public on a regular basis.