Emily Dangerfield, Neil Linton and family, collectively known as the Secret Seven, are venturing up Snowdon and down again to raise money for The Moira Fund. They are climbers, not mountaineers, but a group of enthusiastic young people, supporters of The Moira Fund who have been 'in training' for this challenge. We wish them all luck and dry weather for this wonderful family effort.

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The Moira Fund

The Moira Fund is a fundraising grant-giving charity set up to help those struggling financially as well as emotionally to cope with the loss of a loved one through murder. It helps those families referred to them by the police or homicide support services.


£317.50 raised of £500.00 target by 6 supporters

£300.00 donated and £17.50 in GiftAid


From 28th May 2022. Until 25th June 2022.


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