I applied to run the London Marathon originally to set myself a challenge and take part in what I believe is the best day of the year in the city I grew up in. I received a spot on the ballot and so whether or not to run for a charity was up to me.

I was originally supposed to run on 26th April 2020 but Covid had other ideas, so this has been a long time coming...

‘Something To Look Forward To’ is a charity run by a close friend of mine. The work that she does in memory of her mother for those suffering from cancer and their families is not only award winning but truly inspirational. Of course, we must focus on prevention of and cures for cancer, but too many times, sadly that is not an option. In those moments it is time with family that is most powerful and provides more support, love and positivity than anything else. It was a no brainier for me to use my opportunity to support such amazing work and help a few more families get that time together.

Please sponsor what you can for me to run 26.2 miles on Sunday 2nd October at the London Marathon. 

Thanks in advance, Phil x


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Something To Look Forward To

‘Something To Look Forward To’ benefits people affected by cancer who are also suffering as a result of loss of income due to their illness. The charity provides positive things to look forward to generously donated by companies and individuals.


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From 8th September 2022. Until 31st October 2022.


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