Welcome to my fundraising page for my Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu to raise essential funds for NF2 BioSolutions UK.
This is a charity close to my heart as both my wife Jo, and 10 year old son Oscar, suffer from NF2 which affects 1 in 35,000 people globally. More details can be found here
Jo has lived with NF2 for 22 years. Oscar is already affected with 3 cranial tumours and 4 spine tumours which affect his mobility. He has foot drop, muscle atrophy, a low level hearing loss and a cataract. There are very few treatments available so this research is absolutely needed to improve quality of life and wellbeing, especially in our children. Oscar deserves a better future and I am raising this money to give him a future he deserves.
We need to find these treatments as a matter of urgency.
This will be a tough test for an overweight 50 plus year old that spends most of the day sat behind a desk. It will involve daily training on the treadmill as well as additional training hikes in the Peak District and the Lake District (not many hills where i live!).
All money raised will go direct to the charity, as I have covered all the expenses of the trip itself.
I will be departing the UK on Friday 6th May 2022 and after a couple of days acclimatisation I will begin the 4 day trek on the 9th May, finishing on the 12th May, the day before Oscar's 11th birthday. The trek involves 7 - 8 hours walking a day and from our starting point at Piscacucho, at an altitude of 2680 metres we will climb to a maximum altitude of 4200 metres before descending to Machu Picchu.
All donations will all go directly to the research into finding new treatments to improve quality of life and wellbeing of Oscar and others like him.

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