This fundraising campaign is to get Book 28 Library functioning as a publicly accessible lending library.  We aim to be transparent about how we're meeting our goals and what we're doing.  In that spirit here is a concise list of what money raised through the Launch Our Library campaign will be  used for:

  • We want to grow our collection to 350-500 relevant books 
  • We need materials to cover and catalogue those books
  • We need funds for ongoing library operations such as cataloguing software
  • We want to pay our collaborators when they work with us on events
  • We need money to create projects that will make our operations sustainable, such as monthly workshops, talks, and merchandise

All of our financial transactions will be made public our website. 

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Book 28 Library

Book 28 Library is a small but ambitious LGBTIQ+ library currently housed at The Outside Project homeless shelter and community centre.  We aim to tackle the issues that LGBTIQ+ library users face across the UK and lobby for change.


£5,230.00 raised of £5,135.00 target by 109 supporters

£5,230.00 donated


From 19th January 2021. Until 2nd March 2021.


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