15,000 feet, 52miles, 3 rounds, 1 day!! 

A lot of charities provide fantastic support groups for those suffering with poor mental health. Lifelink are one of the few charities who provide free 1-to-1 counselling for those in need. This professional level of help can be crucial for helping individuals make the change’s in their lives needed to transform their mental health.

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Sam will be skydiving, running two back to back marathons and boxing consecutively in order to raise money for Lifelink. The run will start in Edinburgh and finish in Glasgow at the riverside museum. The whole day including the fight will be filmed and posted on the KOBA run team’s social media.


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Originating as a grassroots community project driven by a group of visionary women in 1992, Lifelink has evolved into a national award winning social enterprise that provides mental health support and stress reduction services free of charge to over 8000 adults and young people annually. At Lifelink we realise there are lots of pressures at home, work and school and that at times we feel stressed, distressed and unable to cope. We seek to reduce people's need for illness services by supporting people to make positive changes in their lives that improve their quality of life in a lasting way.


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From 27th February 2023. Until 4th June 2023.


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