Time for Kathy to walk the talk - or rather to run it!

The Trafalgar Way extends 271 miles from Falmouth to London. It's the heritage coaching route travelled by the Trafalgar Messenger Lt John Richards Lapenotiere in November 1805. Lapenotiere had the advantage of a comfy carriage and four horses to pull him along, changing them for fresh ones every 10 to 15 miles on his way. I'll just have my own two legs!

The original journey took under 38 hours. I'll be covering the distance of The Trafalgar Way 'virtually' over the course of the year, in multiple stages, run in many different locations, near my home in Salisbury, or elsewhere around the UK. To make it even more challenging, my plan is to match each of the stages covered by Lapenotiere between coaching inns within a single week, and to do it in the correct order. The shortest week's running is 7 miles (Staines to Hounslow stage), the longest is 18.625 miles (Launceston to Okehampton stage). The very first week I'll cover 12.375 miles (Falmouth to Truro).

That's 23 stages/weeks of running (including a virtual break at Jamaica Inn, which wasn't an official coach change), ranging from 7 miles to 18.625 - almost equivalent to one every two weeks of the year!

Do you think I can do it? Will you sponsor me and my legs? It will take me the best part of the year to complete this distance. Every little bit of sponsorship will be incredibly welcome and will motivate me to achieve my goal. 

The challenge begins on November 4th 2021 and I will be providing photos and updates to record my progress, including the 'virtual map' of my progress at End to End Run.

Fancy taking part instead? You can register here. Every entry fee of £29.99 helps support The 1805 Club and the Sea Cadets. There is no obligation for entrants to raise money for charity, you can just enter and track your progress, whether you are a walker, runner or wheelchair user!




I'm plodding away along my virtual journey! I am now approaching the tiny village of Crockernwell where Lapenotiere experienced his 6th change of horses, probably in the early hours of 5th November 1805. Luckily for me, the weather is now improving and starting to be more spring-like, even though it's only February. Hard not to enjoy a run, hills and all, when the outdoors is so inviting. 

Updated on Wed, February 2 2022, 12:58 PM

I'm on my way!

First week, and I've already got two runs under my belt, totalling 9.35 miles. My aim is to match Falmouth to Truro exactly this week. Here's a photo showing where I 'virtually' am along my route.

Updated on Tue, November 9 2021, 3:34 PM

Getting ready to run that first 12.375 miles, "Falmouth to Truro"! 

Look where >>this picture<< was taken! 

Updated on Thu, October 7 2021, 3:02 PM

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From 4th November 2021. Until 6th November 2022.


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The Trafalgar Way End to End Virtual Running, Walking & Wheeling Challenge from The 1805 Club  

In November 1805, the Trafalgar Messenger Lieutenant John Richards Lapenotiere travelled the 271 miles from Falmouth to London to deliver the news from Trafalgar. His urgent message would announce to the world the famous news that the Royal Navy had won an important victory against the French and Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar, off the coast of Spain, but that also, devastatingly, the nation's hero Admiral Lord Nelson had been killed in the battle.

Beginning any time from November 4th 2021 onwards, this is your chance to follow in the determined footsteps of the Trafalgar Messenger by running, walking or wheeling the equivalent 271 miles - from anywhere in the world! To take part, visit the registration page at End to End Run. It only costs £29.99, with a donation from entries going to support Sea Cadets as well as The 1805 Club.

Lt Lapenotiere had the advantage of travelling in a carriage drawn by four strong horses. You'll be powering yourself along - but whereas Lapenotiere made the journey in under 38 hours, we're giving you AN ENTIRE YEAR to log those miles! You can break it up as you wish. If you are a runner, you can log race miles, training runs or parkruns, or miles walked instead; whatever you wish, it will all count towards your total!

As you reach virtual milestones along the way, such as the 21 places where Lapenotiere changed horses at coaching inns in towns and villages from Cornwall to London, we'll be cheering you along with electronic 'postcards' to mark your achievement. When you've completed the full 271 miles, you'll receive a commemorative tee-shirt and medal to proudly celebrate your achievement, with our thanks.

There is no obligation to raise extra funds for The Trafalgar Way, but we'd love it if you would consider doing so. Set up a fundraising page here on People's Fundraising and seek sponsorship from your friends, family and colleagues to support your efforts and help our naval heritage!

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