Hi, I’m Jules! I’m one of Indigo Volunteers’ five trustees and this Sunday I’ll be running the Berlin Marathon to raise money for our wonderful charity. 

Since 2012, Indigo has been connecting volunteers from all over the world with grassroots organisations working along the European Refugee Route. This means, that every year, dozens of projects have the vital support necessary to keep their programs running, increase their activities and deliver critical assistance to refugees.

Our small charity is run by a dedicated group of volunteers from several different countries and a handful of full-time staff.
We want to help more organisations, reach more volunteers, and, ultimately, support as many refugees as we can. 

It’s been a long stretch of training and now I’m just so excited to get to the start line! Any donations to support Indigo and the organisations and people we work with would be so appreciated. 

Thank you!



£968.00 raised of £1,000.00 target by 25 supporters

£825.40 donated and £142.60 in GiftAid


96 %


From 20th September 2022. Until 28th September 2022.


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Indigo Volunteers  

Indigo Volunteers is a charity that recruits volunteers and connects them with humanitarian projects across the globe. We provide a straightforward, fee-free matchmaking service, placing people where they are needed most. On our travels we have found that small grassroots organisations often do not have the time or resources to find volunteers that keep their projects running. Conversely, people who want to volunteer often don’t know where to start, and find it difficult to identify a legitimate project where their talents are really needed. Our aim is to remove these hurdles and create the connections that enable charities to keep going and focus on their objectives. Indigo was founded to challenge the exploitative practices of for-profit volunteering agencies that charge extortionate fees and seem primarily concerned with selling exotic experiences, rather than considering their actual impact. We want to ensure that volunteering remains true to its core humanitarian purpose: we believe in people helping people, and partner with grassroots charities that are positively dedicated to support communities coping with poverty, displacement and inequality.

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