Highbury Park Friends is a voluntary group dedicated to the preservation, improvement and enjoyment of Highbury Park in the Birmingham ward of Kings Heath. 

Highbury Park is a precious resource, as all open spaces are: it is a haven of tranquility, fresh air and green space for all who live around and visit it. The park is home to abundant wildlife and plant species – woodland, aquatic and other birds, pond animals, and the largest variety of trees of any park in Birmingham. Highbury Park has a rich history, containing evidence from the bronze age to the present day.

Each of these is worth preserving and in some instances enhancing. The Friends actively seek input about the park from all local people and visitors, and liaise with the city council over maintenance, security and events programmes.

Highbury Park Friends try to support the paid park workers in their efforts. We also try to gain funding for preservation, restoration and regeneration of Highbury’s historical and natural resources, so that all may enjoy its beauty. Details about some of these efforts can be found on this website, as can information about joining the group.

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£3,000.00 target 93 supporters


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From 1st April 2021. Until 1st July 2021.


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Litter bins from Highbury Park Friends

Highbury Park is known throughout Birmingham as a haven of peace and tranquility. The park borders three busy suburbs, meaning many people use it regularly for dog walking, running/cycling, wearing out the kids or just to recharge their batteries. As many other parks in the UK, Highbury's green spaces have been well used over the past year as local residents have sought to connect with nature, exercise or meet with friends/family. 

Whilst we love the fact that many more visitors are now making use of our beautiful park, it has become obvious that litter is a major issue with the existing provision of litter bins being woefully inadequate. Unfortunately, full bins encourage people to drop litter. We also have a crafty murder of crows who love nothing better than picking through takeaway rubbish and spreading it further afield!

Budgets in the City Council are tight and so we are fundraising for some lovely new, big double bins to help with our litter problem. They're not cheap. As a minimum we'd like three new bins along the driveway, but if we beat our target, we will be able to replace more smaller bins with those of a larger capacity.


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