My name is Henry and I’ll be taking on the challenge of running and cycling the equivalent distance of going up and down Mount Everest!, which is around 17.6km in total and I have planned to run 17.6km and cycle 17.6km. So in total, I’ll be travelling 35.2KM! I’ll be pushing myself to my limits to raise money for the charity KASIN.

KASIN is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to children in need. By participating in this fundraiser, you can help make a difference in the lives of these children and their communities. For information, please visit KASIN

Donate to the cause and help us reach our fundraising goal. Every penny raised will make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

£1000 will make a huge difference, for it can pay for two After School Teachers for a whole year! 

Together, we can help make a positive impact and support the important work of KASIN. Let's make a difference together!



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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all very well and healthy!

Today concludes the running section of the challenge, as I have completed 8.57 km. All that is left is the cycling, which I will be looking forward to!

Thanks again for the wonderful support.

Best Wishes,


Updated on Mon, April 8 2024, 8:32 PM

Hello Everyone!

I hope you‘re all well and healthy.

I have decided to change how I complete this challenge. I have decided to make this more challenging and so I‘ll be running the length of 17.6km in 2 days, instead of slow and easy increments ( like 1,2 & 3 km). 

Today, I ran 9.10km and I’ll be running the rest tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the support! I appreciate it very much!


I‘m planning to cycle 10km for every 1000m, so I’ll be cycling 176km. Wish me luck!

Best wishes,


Updated on Sun, April 7 2024, 9:03 PM


As I complete 2-5k runs, I’ll be letting you all know how I am doing. Today, I have done a 2.3k run. This week, I’ll be primarily focusing on running and next week, I’ll be doing cycling. Once again I appreciate the support. 

Thank you!

Updated on Mon, April 1 2024, 5:40 PM



All children have the right to a decent education. We are helping children from disadvantaged communities in rural Nepal to realise their full potential. THE TRUSTEES OF THE CHARITY DO NOT CLAIM EXPENSES, NOR DO WE EMPLOY ANYBODY, SO ALL THE MONEY WE COLLECT IS USED TO HELP PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEEDY CHILDREN IN NEPAL We have :- rebuilt a primary school following the devastating earthquake in 2015. built a hostel so that students can attend one of the few Agricultural Colleges in Nepal funded teacher training courses provided and fund 2 After School Clubs We pay a teachers salary and provide food for disadvantaged children at Kumbeshwar. We sponsor more than 80 children from the tea planters community to attend school in East Nepal, for these families this is the first generation to receive any formal education We are involved with a 5-year Community project at Tamang Kharka in collaboration with Huddersfield University and Nepali NGO Green Tara . We fund the salary of a School and Community Health Promotion Officer and have enabled provision of clean water and sanitation for the school.  


£700.00 raised of £1,000.00 target by 10 supporters

£610.00 donated plus £90.00 in GiftAid

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From 1st April 2024. Until 21st April 2024.


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