Among the many requests Hounslow Animal Welfare Society receives daily is to help rehome or assist with stray or abandoned cats, some stand out as being an emergency.     

The had one of these the other day when around 17.30 we received an email from a person who had seen two women open a cat carrier, quickly turf a cat out on the roadside and hurriedly leave the location. The cat hadn't moved from the spot where she was left. We thought there would be little chance of her still being there, but two of our volunteers decided to go anyway.

We got there 2 hours after the email was received and it was starting to get dark. The cat was still frozen to the spot and easily picked up and popped into a pet carrier. Blood was seen, so she was taken straight to a vet where she was found to have a great deal of blood in her urine. As a result of tests and an X ray we discovered that she had bladder stones which must have been very painful and have had to be surgically removed. We've called her Georgie and are setting up this fundraising appeal to cover her treatment which has already cost £1,500, as we have had a few cats recently needing a great deal of expensive veterinary care. 

Update 23/12/23

Firstly a massive THANK YOU to everybody who has donated for Georgie's surgery. We are so very grateful.

Unfortunately whilst we've got her bladder problem under control with surgery she now has a painful problem with her ear, which has so far been treated with antibiotics. At the latest examination 2 little holes were found in her ear canal near the ear drum which go through into her mouth, and it is likely that food can get through causing infection and pain. We are awaiting a treatment plan. 

Georgie is so good natured and gentle that it is heart breaking to think that she still isn’t out of the woods. The fundraising appeal is open until Christmas day - additional funds received will be spent on her next surgery. 

More updates can be found on the Charity's Facebook page

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