This April, Delia Kennedy returns with another charitable endeavour, embarking on another 100-mile journey in support of The Cinnamon Trust.

Approaching her 80th birthday this December, Delia is gratefully acknowledging her blessings. After dedicating three years to walking and fundraising for different charitable causes, she aims to reach her £5000 fundraising milestone by her upcoming birthday celebration.

To meet her 100-mile goal, Delia has set two personal guidelines: she must walk a minimum of 5 miles per outing, and she will rely solely on her own feet for transportation unless it's absolutely necessary.

Accompanying her on these treks is Teddy, her cherished companion tucked away in her rucksack. Teddy, affectionately called "little celebrity companion," has a story of his own, having journeyed with cyclists from London to Glasgow for the COP 26 summit in November 2021.

Delia's inspiration for Teddy's adventure came from the book 'Cold Hands, Warm Heart' by Tess Burrows, which captivated her with its tales of courage and determination. After reaching out to Tess, Tedy found himself on the back of a bike headed to Glasgow and got a new nickname from Tess: TTT (Team Together Ted).

Delia is honoured to have Teddy join her on her fundraising endeavours, knowing that his journey adds a unique charm to her cause.

While Teddy may not embark on the same grand adventures as some of Tess's other companions, he's content in his own little world, accompanying Delia as she walks towards her fundraising goals.

If you'd like to read more about Delia's upcoming walk, make sure to come back to this page to read some of her diary entries.


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Catch-up diary entry: No.2 
We managed to walk 8 miles this morning (8th) without getting wet ☺️.

Next 10-mile walk on the 10th - not so good! - but at least now we are just over halfway - 54 miles.

Whilst sitting in a small village Church yard the other day, I looked at the clock on the tower and whilst observing the clean shiny minute hand moving so slowly, it suddenly made me think of life and how, for nearly 80 years, the minutes have moved me from childhood, into adulthood and now into old age. I wondered - where had these 80 years gone?!

I'm not a mathematician, but I wondered how many minutes have ticked away during my (nearly) 80 years! Mmmm, interesting!

Perhaps that is something for you to work out!!?

Will try and think of another challenge for you for next time!


Updated on Thu, April 11 2024, 9:19 AM

Catch-up diary entry: No.1

Wow, what a week! Having said that it is no different from the last few months really! Rain, wind, dreary skies etc etc! But we dress up in waterproofs - at least I do, TTT is alright in his pouch on the backpack but he doesn't like it when he can't see where he has been as I cover him up to keep him dry🤡!

On the 1st April, I thought 'Let's just start out with a short, in-between-the-showers-walk and see how it goes'. This we did and managed 6 miles and kept dry. ☺️

2nd April, we did the same thing - and kept dry! ☺️ ☺️

3rd April, we did the same thing - but arrived home very wet. 🌨 Ughh!

It is now 6th and somehow we have managed to clock up 36 miles so not bad considering everything.

So far on our walks, we have seen the wonderful gifts the natural world freely bestows on us in colour and shapes. In a local quiet churchyard the Magnolia shows off her spectacular beauty. Further along the busy main road the Dandelions display their sunny, deep golden yellow flowers in the lush green grass - not forgetting the little white Daisies - intent on cheering us on in this fast, mega-noisy world. A little further along was a short piece of broken branch on the ground, and I picked it up to marvel at the many different colours and patterns of the lichen growing on it. I love the fascinating varieties of lichens all happily growing together creating a collage of quiet, gentle colours.

There is always something to enjoy and appreciate when out walking, even if it is only the time and opportunity to let nature filter through those thoughts and feelings about this troubled world.

We will be back in a few days with the next 'diary' to let you know what we have seen, and how we are progressing.

Delia and TTT

Updated on Tue, April 9 2024, 12:48 PM


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