Meet Richard: Conquering the UK's 3 Peaks for Premature Babies' Families!

In September, Richard takes on an inspiring challenge, scaling the UK's 3 Peaks to support "Adapt Prembabies," a charity dedicated to aiding families of premature babies in Leicestershire.

Motivated by his own family's journey, Richard's niece Olivia, born at 29 weeks, Now a picture of health and happiness . With each peak he conquers, Richard carries the hopes of families touched by this vital charity, illuminating the path for others in tough times. Stand with Richard as he climbs, ensuring Adapt Prembabies continues their invaluable work for families.

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Completed the walk with 2 minutes to spare of the 24hours ! It was wet windy and dark for the majority of it but so so proud of my achievement 😄

Updated on Fri, September 29 2023, 10:46 PM


ADAPT Prembabies

ADAPT Prembabies Supports parents and families of premature and poorly babies needing specialist neonatal care in Leicester. There is no disputing the fact that the babies get the best clinical care but for the parents its a different story not knowing from day to day sometimes hour to hour whether their baby will survive, this is where the ADAPT support steps in to help them through the rollercoaster journey at one of the most emotional and traumatic times of their lives.  


£722.50 raised of £500.00 target by 24 supporters

£605.00 donated plus £117.50 in GiftAid

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From 22nd September 2023. Until 25th September 2023.


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