This year my challenge has been to try and complete the 250 mile Thames ring running race for the fantastic charity Mission Employable. The race is a 250 mile self supported/navigated running race, that loops around the major waterways of the Thames and grand union canal. 

I have never ran beyond around 110 miles in one go, so running 250 miles continuously within a 100hour cut off time is going to be more than challenging! But to do it for such a great cause, always give me an extra advantage. You can find out more about the race and follow my slow progress at

For more information about Mission Employable and see other ways in which you could help out, please visit their website at

Here is their mission statement:

At Mission EmployAble, we train young adults with learning disabilities to make the most of their individual talents and help them find a paid job after their training that will allow them to lead purposeful lives and be valued as active members of their communities.

Thank you for your time and any support that you can offer.


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Mission EmployAble

At Mission EmployAble, we strongly believe that young adults with learning disabilities have the right to work, to lead fulfilled and purposeful lives, to have their individual gifts and talents recognised and to feel included as valued members of society. There are 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK and almost 94% are unemployed. Far too many are missing out on the basic right to aspire to a career, along with the wider social networks, better emotional and physical health, and increased independence that comes from having a job. They share the same aspirations as everyone else and they want nothing more than the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential. Mission EmployAble trains people with learning disabilities, and helps them to find work so that they can lead fulfilled lives working and contributing to their local community.


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From 26th April 2023. Until 1st May 2023.


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