TARGET £15.5M to support 11.7 million children. Zumos is a social enterprise, developed with CAMHS mental health services and part of the acclaimed HeadStart project. The Programme's unique online features are intended to allow every young person to self-empower and take control of their own wellbeing as well as accepting and utilising the resources that are available to them in their local community and nationally.

Zumos has been developed over ten years as a result of extensive research and expert opinions from CAMHS, HeadStart, leading SME’s psychologists and counsellors and as such we are totally confident of the well being benefits it will provide. 

The current 321 ‘How to be Happy ‘campaigns across England aims to bring together the community, all support services, local Government,  businesses and schools, with the primary aim to measurably improve the mental wellbeing of all its inhabitants, with a strong focus on child mental health. We will do this by ensuring that all local schools are able to be funded for Zumos.

We are a strong community that has experienced great difficulties, but we have a great spirit that can achieve anything when we pull together.

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Zumos - every child can become resilient & self-confident from Zumos

Zumos can be delivered to schools for free with your help. We need funding to help deliver this NHS Kitemarked and HeadStart endorsed tool into all the schools in England, no matter how small your funding will help your region's local school. 

Zumos is a system that can measurably improve  pupil mental health, as well as providing crisis support exactly when they need it most. The online system has been developed in collaboration with CAMHS and is an end-to-end support system for mental health and wellbeing. Building resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing it measures the positive changes within your students and young people.

Act now, Covid 19 has affected our children throughout lockdown and the changes that it continues to make throughout each year moving forward impact us all. Giving our schools the right tools to help support the students and families in any way we can, will help minimise the impact for the future. 

How To Be Happy England - every child can become resilient & self-confident from Zumos

Raising £15.5m to fund every school in England with Zumos, then every child can become resilient, self-confident and have the information and support needed to deal with problems.

We need funding to deliver this NHS Kitemarked, HeadStart endorsed tool to schools. No matter how small, this will help support your region's schools. 

Zumos is a system to measurably improve child mental health, provide crisis support exactly when needed. The system has been developed with CAMHS, is end-to-end support for mental health and wellbeing, builds resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing, measures positive changes in children and adults.

Covid 19 has negatively affected children’s mental health. Schools need the tools to support students and families to minimise its impact.

It costs just £495 to support a primary school, £995 for a secondary school for one year. About £1 per child per year. 

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