The Yorkshire Rewilding Network aims to bring together anyone in the region who has an interest in rewilding to inspire one-another, share knowledge and experience, and work towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all inhabitants be they creatures great or small.

We believe in a nature-first approach to land care and management from urban gardens to 1,000-acre farms, coastal waters to upland dales, one that allows Yorkshire's diverse mosaic of habitats to thrive and all communities living within them to flourish.

Whether you have a patio, an allotment, a grand estate or oodles of passion, you CAN make a difference. Rewilding works at every scale. The real power lies in joining the dots connecting the places and people working towards a common goal: a Yorkshire teeming with life at every level.

That's where we come in...

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Yorkshire Rewilding Network

Yorkshire Rewilding Network's purpose is to advance biodiversity and environmental improvement through rewilding, principally in Yorkshire, by providing support, education, information and encouragement to the public and other stakeholders, including but not limited to those with an interest in rewilding. In this sense, rewilding is defined as the restoration of ecosystem functions to a point where nature can take care of itself. It seeks to reinstate natural processes and, where appropriate, missing species allowing them to shape the landscape and the habitats within. Rewilding embraces the role of people and their cultural and economic connections to the land working within a wider, healthy ecosystem.

We would welcome your donation. As a charity run by volunteers any money received will be used to arrange events, put towards education & communication and help cover our administrative costs.

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