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Every week in London and Manchester we run an Employment Rights Clinic for UK and EU nationals. Our advice is free, confidential, and available in a number of European languages including Romanian, Bulgarian, and Polish. We can help you fight employment rights breaches such as non-payment; draft a CV and cover letter to improve your professional mobility; and understand how employment affects your residence status.

Contact us on 0300 4000 100, during the opening times listed below.

Our London employment rights clinic

Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday, 11AM-5PM.

Our Manchester employment rights clinic

Saturdays from 12pm - 4pm.


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Work Rights Centre from Work Rights Centre

The Work Rights Centre is a registered charity (No. 1165419) dedicated to ending in-work poverty by helping workers exit precarious work: poorly paid, unprotected, and insecure employment. Our team of volunteers provides free and confidential information in a variety of European languages and can help you understand your employment status, access your employment rights, and improve your employability.


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  • Sun, August 1 2021, 8:54 AM : Some good news from last week: one of our self-employed beneficiaries received over £2,000 in unpaid services following a small claims court case 🙌 Remember: if you're treated unfairly, you have options. For employment rights assistance please reach out: https://t.co/1CkWAZd3IT
  • Sat, July 31 2021, 10:37 AM : Because of #Brexit, EU nationals & their families were required to apply to the #EUSS to retain their right to live and work in the UK. This case study shows how the process - pitched as straightforward - often becomes a tangled web of bureaucracy: https://t.co/OgKKtXKTpR https://t.co/Jt5PJLLHOM
  • Sat, July 31 2021, 9:14 AM : "The hostile environment imposed a duty on landlords, employers, welfare organisations to conduct immigration checks. When you delegate that duty, you increase the risk of misinterpretation, bias & fear" Thank you @talkingmig for this excellent discussion👇 https://t.co/gKb9q00Kas
  • Thu, July 29 2021, 4:32 PM : Today we got a phone call from an employer trying to hire a Romanian national. They had the #EUSS share code + DOB but when they logged into the system there were no records to be seen! It seems the Home Office is having issues with their system🤦‍♀️