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You may have a favourite project amongst the things Wellbeing in Action support, in which case, please let us know and we will ensure your donation is added to that theme's fundraising total (for example, if you donate £20 and would like £10 to go to the women's menopause support group and £10 to the Veteran's PTSD project) then just message or email us to let us know and we'll ensure it is allocated accordingly.

Every penny is valuable in our mission to improve the lives of people whose wellbeing has hit a low and where it is affecting their physical or mental health significantly.  It enables us to provide support, advice, help people in crisis and start a revolution of kindness and paying it forward across our communities.  Without your support we would not exist and we can't thank you enough.

If you've been touched, helped or inspired by our work, do let us know what made a difference for you - so we can go on to do even more on the right track in future.

Any enquiries or information about donating:   wellbeingaction@gmail.com   or  wellbeingactionemma@gmail.com

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Wellbeing in Action

We exist to take practical action to prevent and reduce mental and emotional distress that leads to poor wellbeing, particularly amongst vulnerable groups such as women, children, veterans and people who live with challenges such as poverty, physical ill-health, violence and abuse, isolation and loneliness and those who experience depression and suicidal inclination.


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