What Our Goals Are

The UK Polyamory Association wants to provide a support structure substantial enough to help polyamorous and consensual non-monogamous communities across the UK. Our goals are to:

  • The elimination of discrimination based on relationship and family diversity. Reducing stigma and fighting marginalization against polyamorous people and providing community support;
  • Promoting a culture of consent, inclusive adaptability, equity, diversity, intersectionality, and accessibility, which supports the many forms of polyamory and its community;
  • Supporting legal assistance for polyamorous people and the advancement of polyamorous rights in the UK;
  • Staging and promoting activities to improve the lives of of polyamorous people, including events, workshops, training courses, conferences, and more. 

What We Are Fundraising For

We have set up and begun running a community organisation and we are in the process of applying for charitable status. Now we have short and long term fundraising needs to maintain the momentum we have started. We need funds for:

  • Educational resources - creation of media, articles/blog spots/testimonials about polyamory, flyers, leaflets, sexual and mental health advice, lending library, etc.
  • Community resources - best practice guidelines for groups, directories of polyamory health professionals, peer support, and other bespoke support;
  • Legal support - fundraising for legal fees, workplace anti-harassment policies, and campaigning for legislation that recognises and supports consensual non-monogamy;
  • Training - for polyamory community organisers, safeguarding guides, restorative justice training, in schools/workplaces, etc.;
  • Sponsoring research around polyamory;
  • Staffing - to ensure core project costs are covered and that UKPA remains financially viable.


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UK Polyamory Association

Who We Are

The UK Polyamory Association has been created with the needs of the polyamorous community at its heart. Polyamorous and consensually non-monogamous people struggle with discrimination, inequality, stigma and isolation. UKPA exists to overcome these issues. The founders, staff and Trustees are polyamorous people ourselves - and we come from all different walks of life. We have begun to work with and for the polyamorous community, to raise awareness, social acceptance, and respect for polyamory and consensual non-monogamy in the UK. We do this in a variety of different ways, including advocacy, provision of community resources, education, legal representation and aid, and by increasing the positive representation of polyamorous people in the media and wider public consciousness.

What Our Mission Is

Our Mission Statement:

The UK Polyamory Association exists to support the needs of polyamorous people and communities across the UK. We aim to increase public awareness and acceptance of polyamory, and challenge stigma through advocacy, positive representation, and education.

Our vision is a world in which polyamory is treated as a valid and acceptable way of conducting relationships equal to monogamy. Presently, there are many ways polyamorous people face judgement, stigmatisation and discrimination in day to day life. We believe that polyamorous people should be free to love who and how we want to, without fear that we could lose our jobs, our housing and even our children. It is our mission to ensure that polyamorous people can live life free from these fears, openly, with all the love and joy that polyamory can bring.

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