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None of our projects receives any regular grant funding to keep them going. Our learning disability project Growing Ability is mainly funded through attendance charges paid by the attendees but due to austerity the local authority can only afford to pay half what it costs to support an individual in a weekly horticulture therapy session, so our longterm future is precarious. All our other activities are paid for through fundraising events or our social enterprise activities like apple juice sales or the hire of our pavilion.

We are therefore always looking for financial help to support what we do. Could you spare £10 to help us keep going?

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Triangle Community Garden

Connect, Grow, Enjoy! The Triangle Garden is a community garden within a local park in Hitchin Hertfordshire, where people of all ages and all abilities can come together to connect with the natural world. From growing food and cultivating herbs, to creating wildlife habitats and making permanent garden features, there's something restorative and therapeutic about working with nature that we want to share with everyone in our community. Our vision is a community where people feel happier and more fulfilled through a connection with the natural world and an understanding of our place in it. We run community gardening activities open to all, once a month on weekends, and community events, workshops, walks and talks throughout the year.

Our weekly Gardening Club actively gardens the Triangle Garden and we welcome new volunteers. Our learning disability projects: Growing Ability, Growing Gang and Growing Health, provide social and therapeutic horticulture, work experience, and active healthy living support for their members during the week. Our New Shoots project helps those who are struggling with social isolation and helps improve their physical and mental wellbeing through working together in nature. We're about to launch a new Family Forest Schools initiative with the aim of bringing people closer to the natural world with all the benefits that brings. We welcome help from volunteers at any of our activities. Please contact us if you're interested.

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