TIIF was established by a passionate young man, Kelvin, who is motivated and committed to contributing his time, skills and energy for the development of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Zambia and addressing issues of illiteracy and gender-based discrimination. TIIF was established in 2017 as a non-political, not-for-profit, non-tribal and non-religious organization working for the social development of vulnerable and less privileged people. It is a human-centred NGO whose motto is "No child should be left behind." The TIIF mission is to improve the quality of education for vulnerable children with no access to education by building more schools in the Sansamwenje community and providing continued support to allow them to remain in school. The Foundation is supported by Kathryn Abell, a British educator based in Spain, who is committed to help the Foundation make a difference. Her involvement is to increase the visibility and validity of the Foundation outside of Zambia.



£5,130.00 raised by 62 supporters

£5,130.00 donated


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New, modest school building from TIIF

Kelvin and his community have started building a new school building in order to house an extra 50 students.  The community members are involved in making bricks and carrying out the building work, but they do not have the necessary funds for materials. 

They ned to raise a total of €6.000 with typical costs including:

150 pockets of cement at $8 each

30 Y-Bars at $12 each

100 planks at $5 each

100 Iron sheets for roofing at $12 each

9 Windows and frames at $15 each.

5 doors and frames at $20 each

60 desks at $25 each

60 chairs at $10 each

Any donation will be very well received and put to good use for the benefit of the community and their children. 

All donations go to Kathryn first who then transfers the money the the Foundation in Zambia.  Kathryn keeps  a track of costs and expenditure in order to balance the books.