The Harley Jae Trust enhances and improves the lives of children in Nottinghamshire who live with a life-limiting or life-changing condition.

We support both the families and the children in the community and in the hospital. The funds we raise provide vital equipment and resources that improve the child’s physical health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.


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The Harley Jae Trust

The Harley Jae Trust was established in 2006 as a trust fund for a little boy called Harley Jae Blanchard-Rafter after being born with an extremely rare condition. His condition meant that he needed a high level of care which included medical care, therapies and equipment and he often needed long periods of care in hospital.  

Children who are medically stable but require long term complex care can be safely cared for at home. Unfortunately they often spend many months in hospital usually in an unsuitable clinical critical care area whilst their homecare package and discharge are being organised. Often these children have ongoing complex healthcare needs which require bespoke care packages, suitable housing, equipment, training and support for the child and family. As such, the national average length of stay for these children is between seven-nine months (NHS England).

The ultimate goal for the Harley Jae Trust is to support children with life limiting and life changing conditions by providing aid and relief in the form of facilities and equipment that will make their care more manageable and more comfortable and subsequently get them back home with their families.   

Thank you for your support.

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