Since October 2020, we are now located at the old staff café at Waverley and following a complete refurbishment by our fantastic volunteers, our super new home is now ready to be enjoyed. The Cellar is open to everyone, but with the principle objective of providing a caring and friendly meeting place for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community. For those who may have mental health problems or learning difficulties, or who are socially isolated, depressed or emotionally stressed, the Cellar is a safe haven. By being welcomed and treated with care and concern, people find a sense of belonging to an extended family, where joys and sorrows are shared. The Cellar has always provided a listening ear and a prayerful support to all. It has been found that over time, through acceptance and increased self-esteem, those who have led broken lives can become more purposeful and better integrated into the community. So, new beginnings and a new name - the Cellar Camino Café - we look forward to welcoming you.


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You can find us at The Burys, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HR - Telephone 01483 421117 - email: info@thecellarcafe.co.uk - web: www.thecellarcafe.co.uk - Facebook: @the GodalmingCellarCafe - we look forward to seeing you!

Updated on Fri, November 5 2021, 11:39 AM

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