We want to give "The Bedford Big Thank You" to all our hard working and dedicated NHS Staff at Bedford Hospital during this very challenging time. They are working day and night in the front-line caring for our family and friends whilst placing themselves at greater risk of catching the coronavirus. We might soon be clapping our support again each each Thursday evening - including all heroes and keyworkers, but we want to show even more support for our NHS friends by providing our thanks in kind.

We are asking the staff at Bedford Hospital how best we can support them, be that cakes, fresh fruit, bottled water, samosas etc and this page will be updated once confirmed. We are working on this at present as of 16th January.

Please donate and support our very own NHS Carers through "The Bedford Big Thank You" campaign. And on their behalf a "Big Bedford Thank You" to you for your support.




The Big Bedford Thank You Appeal is now closed. Thank you very much for all your invaluable support for our NHS staff during the Covid pandemic.

Updated on Thu, September 22 2022, 5:28 AM

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The Bedford Big Thank You from Bedford Hospital Charity and Friends

Thank you for supporting our hard working, risk taking, coronavirus bashing staff at Bedford Hospital.

Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends currently running three appeals:

1) The Bedford A&E Appeal "£1M Bedford A&E" to raise £1 million to expand and upgrade the Paediatric A&E area and to install a new state-of-the-art CT scanner within A&E.

2) "The Bedford Big Thank You" to enable the Charity to say Thank You on your behalf to all our superb, hard working NHS Staff at Bedford struggling under the huge pressures created by Covid 19, whilst treating and caring for our families and friends at a critical time in all our lives.

3) "Primrose Car Service"  At no charge, a special team of volunteer drivers take Bedford Hospital out-patients for their radiotherapy treatment at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

To donate to any of these appeals please scroll down to the specific appeal window and click on the donate button. We pride ourselves in that all members of the BHCF fundraising team are volunteers with no salaried staff ensuring that 99% of all donations go direct to patient and staff care.

Thank you very much for your kind and generous support


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