TEECH continue to raise funds to enable humanitarian aid trips to take place bi annually to Moldova.

The next trip is Christmas 2023 when volunteers will deliver shoebox gifts, food and medical aid to approximately 8 villages, with the medical aid being split across a number of hospitals.

Thank you for all donations we have received for prior projects (for which the total over to the right shows the amount raised to date over a long period of time, rather than just current donations).

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TEECH was established in 1998 when a group, took up the challenge from a colleague to help repair two hospitals in Bucharest. About fifty volunteers travelled to Bucharest, under the banner of ‘BTL Aid to Romania’ in August that year and set about painting, plastering, providing lighting and generally making the hospitals cleaner, safer and brighter places. After the success of this trip, and seeing the need to be more structured the volunteers organised themselves into a Registered Charity and hence TEECH (Telecommunications Eastern European Challenge) was born. ​TEECH is a small independent charity, run by an unpaid team of volunteers, which welcomes volunteers from all walks life.

£5,307.57 raised by 29 supporters

£4,439.32 donated plus £868.25 in GiftAid

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