On the 24th of February, Russian military forces launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. More than two million Ukrainian refugees are risking their lives to reach safe countries. This includes the UK - where the government continues to require Ukrainians to make cumbersome visa applications.

As one of the very few organisations with a Ukrainian and Russian speaking caseworker, the Work Rights Centre is providing assistance to Ukrainians in the UK - from seasonal agricultural workers and HGV drivers on short term visas, to Ukrainians with settled and pre-settled status, worried about family members abroad.

Help us to continue supporting those affected by this ongoing crisis. Your donation will help us keep answering those phone calls, updating and disseminating vital information, and advocating for a change in the UK government’s visa-based approach to refugees, which has diverged from EU countries in its lack of humanity.

Together, we can clear the way for Ukrainian refugees to seek sanctuary in Britain.

Thank you.

If you need our help, contact us on 0300 4000 100 or email contact@workrightscentre.org

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Work Rights Centre

The Work Rights Centre is a registered charity (No. 1165419) dedicated to ending in-work poverty by helping workers exit precarious work: poorly paid, unprotected, and insecure employment. Our team of volunteers provides free and confidential information in a variety of European languages and can help you understand your employment status, access your employment rights, and improve your employability.

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