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Please give Ekil a chance to achieve her dream! from The Cricket Society Trust

As a 17 year-old, Ekil was thrilled to be selected for the Afghan women’s national cricket squad in 2021.

The celebrations were short-lived when the Taliban invaded and she had to flee Kabul for the UK, leaving her family behind.

She has had a tough time this past year attempting to settle into life in England and dealing with the death of her sister.

I met her in August this year in order to help her structure her cricket as she is determined to be a professional. Ekil is passionate about the game and lives and breathes it.

Think of a female version of Freddie Flintoff’s ‘Field of Dreams’ protégé, Adnan, the Afghan boy!

She has had few opportunities to play in her first year in England as she had very little guidance but things are now on the up.

I’ve enrolled her in an elite girls training course at Lord’s, a cricket coaching qualification course at Canterbury and I have proposed her for MCC playing membership.

She joined the Fairbreak XI tour of England this summer and played matches at Arundel and Wormsley and gained a huge amount of confidence and joy from playing with a professional set-up.

There are plans in the pipeline for her to join a MCC Foundation coaching Hub at Lord’s and to be an assistant coach. She has also signed up to a well-established local women’s cricket team and training will commence in the New Year.

This is an appeal to help Ekil with her ongoing costs for cricket as funds are thin on the ground.

A monthly donation of any amount, however small, will allow her to travel to/from matches and training, pay for kit, subscriptions and match fees.

Please give Ekil a chance to achieve her dream.

She deserves it.

Isabelle Duncan

President of the Cricket Society Trust

£4,898.75 raised by 29 supporters

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