The parish of St Mary the Virgin, Horne covers a wide area, from Copthorne Road in the south to Hornecourt Woods in the north, and includes a detached section to the west of the M23. Sunday services, as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals, are held in the church in Church Road, Horne which has been a place of worship for over 750 years (see Harvest Festival picture, below). Since 2015, the parish has been part of the Windmill United Benefice with the parishes of Burstow and Outwood.


St Mary's, like all parishes in the Church of England, is responsible for its own expenses which include not only the upkeep of a beautiful and historic church and the old school building across the road, but also the cost of a full-time Rector in the Windmill United Benefice and all other aspects of mission and ministry.

The Diocese of Southwark, of which we are part, is moving towards parishes meeting the cost of their own full-time vicar or rector. This is why a large and important part of our expenditure is a contribution to the Southwark Parish Support Fund which covers the costs of clergy stipends (salaries), training and support. Currently the Windmill United Benefice is not meeting the full cost of its Rector and is therefore being subsidised by the giving of people in other parishes in the Diocese.

At St Mary the Virgin, Horne we need to increase our contribution to the Parish Support Fund, on top of the expense of maintaining our beautiful church building and churchyard and meeting the costs of mission and ministry in our local community.


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We are very grateful for any contribution you are able to make. Many thanks for your support.



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St Mary the Virgin, Horne

Church of England Church General donations support all aspects of the church's existence, both as a historic building and a living presence in the village. (The option to donate via Paypal is included for your convenience but note that this option incurs higher transaction fees for the church You will be directed to the Church's usual website after your the donation process is complete.)


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