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The lights are going out…. Please support St Michael’s fund-raising appeal:

We may well feel the lights are going out in our world given appalling conflicts which need all our prayers, but sadly it is also true for St Michael’s, as we find our church ceiling lights failing at an alarming rate, making for an increasingly dimly lit church. To replace them all we urgently need to raise around £4,000 – can you help? Could you sponsor a light – or two? Each one costs an average of £60. The good news is we are switching to LEDs, which means within nine years they will have paid for themselves in energy savings and we are also helping to achieve the Church of England’s 2030 net-zero carbon target.

Thank you!


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St Michael & All Angels Church

St Michael & All Angels church family is delighted to welcome everyone. Our mission is to encounter and develop a loving relationship with God, and to take the gospel out into the community in love and service while providing a supportive Christian fellowship.

The St Michael and All Angels Church, Beaconsfield car park and church path has now completed. We raised £6k+. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you !

St Michael and All Angels Church is a beautiful building at the end of Warwick Road, Beaconsfield. We are now raising funds to install Flood Lights to light up this beautiful Church. All donations are very welcome to this project. Thank you !

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