Sol cafe’s mission is to provide a safe meeting space for the local LGBTIQ+ community to gather, work, eat together and offer practical support. A place to create connections of mutual aid and growth. Cooking and providing nutritious vegan food on a pay as you feel basis and offering a diverse range of activities to support grassroots initiatives. We believe that everyone has value and we welcome each person's contribution. A nourishing environment encourages growth of individuals and community. A welcoming space for all is intrinsic to the success of this project. With our landlord, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, we share the values of environmental sustainability , mutual aid and grassroots cooperation. Our Aim is to hold a food centred space that encourages the sharing of skills, resources, expertise and stories. To cross pollinate knowledge of healthy practices and life skills that will enrich the greater community, encourage personal growth, reclaim personal power and offer practical support . We are offering various creative workshops during the day, we encourage our users to reclaim their own power by offering their own workshops, with our material help. We believe, everyone has skills to share and teach others.



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SolCafe from Sol Cafe

We decided to create an LGBTIQ+ pay as you feel cafe that offers a welcoming, accessible safe space for all, and particularly the most marginalised members of the LGBTIQ+ community, people who are refugees, Asylum seekers or experiencing homlessness. The idea came from being involved with the solidarity kitchen that was founded by members of the Birmingham community and The Warehouse Cafe cooperative at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in March 2020. We recognised then the need for a safe space for asylum seekers, refugees, people in precarious living situations who may also be part of the LGBTIQ+ community.  Over 20,000 free meals were cooked and delivered to people in need. This grassroots initiative organised volunteers, logistics, information campaigns and food thanks to an online fundraiser which reached over £17,000 and was meant to exist for the duration of the pandemic/ lockdown.

Our intention is to create a vibrant, nourishing environment that encourages wholesome relationships and support networks through the medium of food, skills sharing, art, performing arts, music and storytelling. We aim to grow and be a focal point in the community alongside the changing face of Digbeth, with the arrival of HS2 and further planned development

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