Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) is run by a handful of part-time staff (and volunteers) on a small budget, but thanks to your loyal support we are able to achieve amazing things!

Every month we give talks to campaigners, academics and the public, brief journalists and decision-makers, write blogs and in-depth articles, and reach many thousands of people with our social media posts. SGR’s online resources are used by many other campaign groups, researchers and teachers across the world. We work closely with a wide range of organisations, actively supporting their campaigns for peace and a liveable planet, as well as leading on our own projects.

Here are just a few recent highlights:

•    Pressure from SGR contributed to the Ministry of Defence reviewing their data on military carbon emissions, and accepting that they are much higher than they had previously estimated.
•    Nearly 400 scientists signed our petition urging international academic publisher Elsevier to end their links with fossil fuel interests.
•    To coincide with the release of the ‘Oppenheimer’ movie we launched new teaching materials on nuclear weapons - already downloaded over 1,000 times from a leading teachers’ website.
•    Our media coverage has included high-profile articles in The Guardian on aviation carbon emissions and New Scientist on a fossil fuel treaty.
•    Several articles from our Responsible Science journal have been viewed over 10,000 times online, e.g. on Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and the urgency of climate action.
•    We’ve spoken at a wide range of international events, including festivals and conferences in the UK, Sweden and Austria – all with zero air miles.

There is a lot more that we want to do in 2024, especially:

•    Carry out new research on international military carbon emissions, especially to highlight examples of greenwashing;
•    Make our recently-appointed Communications Assistant a permanent post, so we can reach even bigger audiences and increase engagement via social media;
•    Continue to encourage the scientific and engineering communities to speak out more on the urgency of threats from climate change, nuclear weapons, the breaching of other planetary boundaries, and new weapons technologies – and highlight the solutions with greatest potential for supporting peaceful, just, and sustainable societies. Engagement with policy-makers, campaigners, and the public are all obviously essential elements in this work.

A donation from you now, via the Martin Ryle Trust, will help us to pursue these and other activities.  


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The Martin Ryle Trust

The MRT is a charity that funds research and education on any aspects of reducing violence between states. This includes indirect and long-term steps, such as promoting justice, and more direct steps such as supporting research and education about high levels of militarisation. The Trust primarily supports the charitable work of Scientists for Global Responsibility, a membership organisation promoting responsible science and technology. 

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