Save Our Seized Dogs is an organisation raising awareness of dogs seized by the authorities under Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in the UK.

We offer advice and help to owners of dogs, who have been seized by the authorities purely on their looks. These dogs have done no wrong, they are ordinary family pets. Owners are often faced with bills, sometimes amounting to thousands of £'s to get their gentle, loving dogs returned. We run auctions, raffles and general fundraisers in order to assist these owners in their fight to have their family dog back home. 100% of all monies raised goes to help these dogs, our team give their time voluntarily and no money is taken for expenses or administration costs. Please help dogs  to avoid being put to sleep under this unfair law



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Putting BSL to Sleep UK from Save Our Seized Dogs

We support owners whose dogs have been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act, 1991, particularly victims of Breed Specific Legislation. We fundraise to help the dogs of families in need of financial aid for legal costs to get their innocent dogs returned home.

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