Salisbury Transition City hopes to make a real and positive difference in Salisbury. We work hard to bring various groups in Salisbury together and sometimes that means spending a bit of money. We hope to hold regular 'People In The Park' events which provides an opportunity to tell people what we are all doing to make Salisbury a more sustainable place to live. Please help us to carry on our work by donating. This will make such a difference!


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Salisbury Transition City

Salisbury Transition City (STC) aims to be a catalyst and partner to inspire, encourage and enable those who want to develop a plan for a sustainable Salisbury. We cannot achieve much alone but when we work and learn from each other, playing to our individual strengths, we can achieve real change. We are not politically affiliated to any party or movement; the issues are too large and important for that, because we are a grassroots movement, the drive for change will come from the community. STC can trace its roots (and many of it's members) to 1992 and the Agenda 21 movement that formed after COP '92 in Rio.


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