The refugee crisis is permanent. Whether fleeing from war, famine or intolerance, people are driven to desperation such that they leave everything for safety and freedom. They often have nothing: no money, no food, no place to go. But what can we in East Sussex do? Village of Sanctuary among other things raises money to alleviate the misery of just a few. You can give help to desperate people by making a donation here. Every penny goes to this cause.



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Funds for Refugees from Village of Sanctuary

Refugees both here in UK and overseas have nothing. Every need for subsistence we take for granted is unmet. Sometimes a little money in  the right hands can provide the means for survival, for welfare or contact with help or family. We aim to offer the channel for this money from residents of East Sussex wanting to help to where it can do good. Please help us help others in need by using our online Donation facility.


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