The Rabbit Residence Rescue rescues, rehabilitates & rehomes approximately 150 unwanted or neglected pet rabbits each year.

We also provide sanctuary to rabbits you cannot be rehomed due to illness or injury.

With rising veterinary costs & hundreds of rabbits being given up post lockdown we need your support more than ever.


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The Rabbit Residence Rescue from The Rabbit Residence Rescue

The Rabbit Residence Rescue

Charity  number 1148016

We rescue, rehabilitate & rehome over 150 unwanted or neglected pet rabbits every year, we also offer sanctuary to those rabbits who cannot be rehomed due to health or behavioural issues, some of whom are available to sponsor. 

All of our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated & health checked prior to rehoming. All rabbits must be bonded to a suitable companion (we offer a bonding service) & homes must meet or exceed guidelines recommended by The Rabbit Welfare Association.

We promote positive rabbit welfare through education either in person or via social media.

We offer a holiday boarding & grooming service & are also happy to provide husbandry advice.

The Rabbit Residence Rescue is a member of One Voice for Animals UK www.helpanimals.co.uk