People in Action is a charity based in Leeds, West Yorkshire supporting learning disabled and autistic people. We have been around since 1982. We work with learning disabled and autistic people to support happy, healthy and independent lives, by providing one-to-one support, social groups and learning courses.

Thank you so much for considering donating to us. All donations and funds raised are used directly to support our members, by providing high-quality person-centred activities and projects.

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People in Action

People in Action is a Leeds based charity, established in 1983 to benefit learning disabled and autistic people.

We make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and socially isolated; inspiring and empowering people to recognise their potential, fulfil their aspirations and lead safer healthier, better connected lives.

People in Action provides a range of innovative, inclusive, person-centred services which reflect the needs of the people we support. The activities are wide ranging and include the provision of opportunities for leisure, learning, health & wellbeing and the development of life skills. The range of activities runs from practical courses to social groups that meet in the community to enjoy leisure time together.

At People in Action we are striving to create barrier-free communities, where learning disabled and autistic people are equal members of the community and are accepted, respected and valued.

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