New Life Ghana is a charity that supports the work of a project in Ghana that provides schooling for those children who would not be able to afford to go and support for other enterprises that help local families in need. You can donate to the work of New Life Ghana in a number of ways.

1. You can give a one off donation

2. You can set up a regular donation which will go to support the differing needs of the project as they arise

3. You can give a regular donation to sponsor a child at Diamond Hill School in Accra. If you would like to sponsor a child please follow the following link for instructions https://www.newlifeghana.co.uk/sponsorachild .

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£970.00 raised by 6 supporters

£825.00 donated and £145.00 in GiftAid


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New Life Ghana

New Life Ghana is a charitable project committed to the physical and spiritual welfare of children in Ghana. It supports the work of Pastor Osmond Osei Owusu in a rural area of Ghana, west of the capital Accra. Pastor Osmond grew up in James Town, one of the poorest areas of Accra, and has devoted his life to caring for the most needy children and families in this area of Ghana. The project funds a Children's Home and School and supports self-sustaining enterprises to provide for the people of a rural village called Honi.


For further information visit the twitter feed.

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