Our projects cannot exist without your help.

We rely on donations to ensure that our work in Morocco helping young people and their families can continue. With your help we can continue to make the enduring difference that will make their futures brighter.

Make a Single Donation:
£10 can pay for a weekly session of the women’s group
£25 can pay for 6 months of utilities to keep the sports centre open
£60 can secure birth registration for a child of a single mother, allowing them to access health, education and future employment
£150 can allow our social workers to support a family in extreme difficulties for 1 month
£450 can fully train a foster family over a six month period

Make a regular donation
£5 per month can cover a child’s daily participation in the education support programme at Centre Amane
£10 per month can assist a family in securing birth registration papers for their child, enabling them to access all national services, including vital healthcare and education
£25 per month can provide resources and social worker support for one focus group session a month for 18 participants in the Women’s Group

Other amount: any amount you donate will support our social work team to respond effectively to the immediate child protection needs of children at-risk through provision of first aid, emotional support and health and education advocacy.

If you are a UK taxpayer Gift Aid will increase the donation we receive as we can use it to claim back the tax on your donation. So if you donate £100 to MCT and selected Gift Aid, your donation will be worth at least £125!

There is no extra cost for you to do this. If you are donating online please make sure you select this option.


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Moroccan Children's Trust

Our vision is to create a safe and fulfilling environment in which vulnerable children are able to thrive and grow, a Morocco in which children and families living in poverty or disadvantage can count on effective and appropriate support to help them realise their potential. To achieve this we will continue work in three key areas at the local level: social work with vulnerable children and their families; development of child protection systems throughout the region; and supporting the improvement of the national birth registration system. Our mission is to support and improve conditions for vulnerable children and their families in Morocco. Alongside our direct work with disadvantaged children and their families in Taroudannt, we are working to improve conditions for children in the wider community and across Morocco – drawing on both Moroccan and international expertise in social work, paediatrics, education, safeguarding and children’s rights, our work continues to play an important role in shaping Morocco’s newly established child protection system.

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